Make cloud decisions in minutes, not months.

Answer 5 simple questions to determine the best cloud provider for your requirements:

Your Business Drivers
Business transformation begins with clear goals in mind. When deploying cloud solutions, what business outcome is your organization focused on achieving?
Your Application Workload
Multi-cloud solutions make it easy to deploy the right workloads to the right environments. Which application type best represents a candidate you would consider for cloud deployment?
Your Application Scenario Details
Technology standards have a direct impact on the best execution venue for application workload. Which application scenario best represents the configuration of your workload?
Your Application Scenario Details
The scale of your organization and your workload sizes can change the unit economics of cloud deployments. Which application scenario best represents the configuration and scale of your workload?
Your Business Concerns
Service Level and Security concerns are critical business issues that must be evaluated and addressed prior to selecting an execution venue for your application workload . What concerns do you have regarding Service Level and Security?